Download the Sitemap.xml from your OLD website

Before deleting your old web, don't forget to download the sitemap. xml file that you will have in the root of your domain, it will be necessary for the calculation of URLs to migrate.


Download the Sitemap.xml from your NEW website

Once you have migrated all the data from your old website to the new one, download the new sitemap. xml file with all the URLs that have been created, as it will be necessary to match the URLs.


Upload the two Sitemap.xml files to 301seotool

Upload both URL files to our system so that we can do the calculation of URLs to migrate and so that we can make your later matching and show you the result before hiring.


URL calculation and cost of migration work

Once the files have been uploaded, run the URL calculation option so that we can know the total number of URLs to be migrated and show you the cost of redirections.


Previewing the Job Result

Before you sign up for URL migration with 301seotool, use the demo option to view the final result of the URL match, so you'll see that they are being redirected correctly.


Contract URL migration with 301seotool

Now that you've checked that everything is correct, it's time to sign up for URL migration, follow the recruitment process and complete your order payment.


Download .htaccess with 301 redirections

Once you have paid for your order, wait a few minutes for our system to process your files and download the resulting .htaccess from your customer area to upload to your new website.